Stuff the Bus is in full swing once again as we enter the holiday season and begin our community’s largest joint effort to raise food for local food banks. However, this year, both school districts have voted to go retro and move back to the competition format to make things a little more interesting. Yes, this year Stuff the Bus is once again a competition between Camas and Washougal School Districts and the kids are more motivated than ever to win!

Stuff the Bus was born a competition between rival school districts in 2007 and was a great success. The mission of this event was to fill the pantry of Children’s Home Society, a food bank and community support center for Camas and Washougal and to provide food for the holiday baskets given out through the C.A.R.O.L. Program which is sponsored by the Camas and Washougal Fire Departments. Since it’s inception, this event has evolved and also been able to fold the American Legion of Skamania County into the beneficiaries and has provided food to additional food banks during the most successful years.

In 2013, both Camas and Washougal administrators were in favor of shifting from a competition to a collaborative effort in this community inspired food drive, where all schools rally to gather non-perishable food items. So, for the past five years, all of the kids in all of the schools have worked together to motivate each other and shown up throughout the community to get support through cash and food donations. However, this year, both districts are very happy to spice things up and move back to a competition. They believe it will get the community more involved and offer another layer of excitement to the entire event.

To support your community in their efforts to WIN Stuff the Bus this year, please watch for high school representatives at your local stores and events collecting cash and food donations. Also, you can help your district be victorious by sending non-perishable donations with your kids or dropping off your donation at the local high school. We will all be victorious by donating nutritious foods and providing our communities with much needed food stores for local people in need throughout the holiday and the year to come.

Every bit of food from Stuff the Bus stays right here in our community. When you donate, you aren’t just giving food, you could be feeding a neighbor or a friend.